Kanlikavak Spring Landscape Design

Location:Maslak, Istanbul
Site:46,847 m²
Client:ISKI / Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration

Sariyer is one of Istanbul’s richest district in terms of water resources. Especially in the Late Ottoman times, potable water for many districts had been provided by these water sources.  The spring of Kanlikavak water is located in the ITU Kampus in Sariyer. Kanlikavak water can also be drunken from the historical fountain in Emirgan, Hamid I fountain. The elevation changes from  55m. to 83m.  The site is mainly looking towards the east except for a narrow strip looking west along the ITU’s Baltalimani ring road. There exist a dry bed between these two slopes. Unfortunately, this seasonal creek is destroyed during the road construction hence not providing any ecological services. Currently, there is a fountain and a depo in the spring area. However, these structures are primitive, in bad shape and not legible from the main road of the campus. Thus, this project utilizes the geomorphological characteristics and historical structures as an input to the design. By emphasizing these site attributes a new space organization is created. Subsequently, the existence of the fountain and this precious resource is well known and protected by the campus users.

We trace the disturbed-geomorphological and hydrological patterns on the site. Layers of underground water, bedrock, and soil information help us to refine our design decisions. Our design makes use of the existing fountain and water pumping structure on the site by enhancing their architectural and structural properties. Enabling the flow of people creates a lively and pleasant space.

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