Silivri Bogluca River Landscape Design

Location:Silivri, Istanbul
Site:60,000 m²
Client:Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, BS Engineering

Silivri is the fastest-growing coastal town in Istanbul. It has been pointed as the new central business district of Istanbul in the recent Environmental Plans hence new urban growth is anticipated in the imminent future. Bogluca river crosses the natural and agricultural landscapes and meets with Marmara sea in a very dense urban fabric of Silivri. This context causes many environmental problems due to the narrow corridor occupied by buildings, lack of infrastructure and traffic solutions, and lack of visual appeal.  Nevertheless, the project site comprises many opportunities in terms of interactions with the coastal area of Silivri, a vibrant city strip full of people, especially in summer times.  A historic bridge built by Mimar Sinan could be protected and presented to the inhabitants of Silivri.  Subsequently, this project aims to restore the Mimar Sinan’s bridge to bring it to the attention of the pedestrians along the coastal line.  Interactions of people with the riverscape are enabled through multileveled activity platforms designed based on different volumes of water each season.  Flood safety is assured through a wider river section which allows expansion of water during heavy seasons.  Currently, the project is limited to the area south of E-5, a major transportation route, though the possibility of extending the design approach exists for the upper sections of the Bogluca river.

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