Fethiye Street Urban Design Project

Location:Izmit, Kocaeli
Site:2,000,000 m²
Client:Izmit Metropolitan Municipality

URBAN CANYON are narrow and linear urban spaces with a certain dynamism, physical and social language, where all kinds of social, ecological and economic processes interact with each other. The urban canyon refers both to the composition that forms the fabric of the city and to individual spaces where human movements and urban activities take place on the ground plane. The geometry of the urban canyon is determined by 3 basic elements, these elements are guiding in shaping the correspondence of spatial situations as a program and process. The first element is the ratio of the average height of building facades and the average width of the street/street from building to building. This situation determines the variety of activities and user carrying capacity that can take place in the urban canyon. The second element is the street/street orientation: Orientation determines climatic comfort and light/shade situation. The third element is the sky visibility factor; guides decisions about the ambiance of the design in the canyon. While the urban canyon accommodates pre-planned activities, it also provides opportunities for spontaneous meetings and activities. It is a place with a predominant social ecology that brings people from all walks of life and all ages together. Healthy social ecologies, like healthy ecosystems, can adapt to changing conditions in their environment, survive and develop.

The aim of the project is to design the area as a high-performance, aesthetic, ecological, sustainable and democratic public space. As a formal and multifunctional urban canyon, it is to develop a flexible and adaptive design that can meet the urban needs of the future with its physical, spatial, socio-cultural and economic dimensions.

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