Kizilirmak River and Surroundings Urban Design Project

Site:1,500,000 m²
Client:Sivas Municipality

It is critical that Kizilirmak river continues to offer the ecosystem services to maintain urban quality of life in Sivas, and it is the backbone of the urban open and green space system by associating with other green areas in the city and being productive in a way that will sustain the city throughout its route. In this context, a gradual protection-use approach has been adopted by considering the natural landscape character and ecological functions of the area and the socio-cultural needs of Sivas. This planning approach, which tries to integrate ecological functions with urban development requirements, is accompanied by an urban design strategy that safeguards the continuity and productivity of urban open and green spaces. According to this continuous productive urban landscape concept, open areas that express the density of ecological services require concentration and planning as much as the built-up areas that express the density of sociocultural services in the city: Because the sustainable city depends on the balance between the two.

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