Our Story

H.E.T. Landscape and Urban Design Company aims to promote innovative urban and regional designs within the framework of HABITAT, ECOLOGY, and TECHNOLOGY. The firm composes design and planning projects that safeguard habitats against inevitable effects of global warming; promote restoration and balanced use of resources thus enhancing ecology and environmental quality at various scales; and maintain sustainability in the dynamic network of social, economic, and ecological relations by utilizing the latest technology.

What We Offer

The foundation of our practice is respect for nature, keen observation of the site’s unique qualities, and productive community engagement

Broad Vision

Future cities and the challenges they have to deal with require a broader vision, holistic approach, and creative design

Inclusive Design

Cultural diversity makes the landscape richer. Climate change has not only ecological implications but also social dimensions, hence necessitating us to promote inclusive urban spaces

Respect for Nature

Green and blue infrastructure are essential in the livability of the city. Nature-based solutions bring sustainable alternatives to the urban matrix


Led by Hayriye Esbah Tuncay, our design team comprises young and talented architects,  landscape architects, and urban planners in a creative and human-centered studio environment.

Prof. Hayriye Esbah Tuncay

Landscape Architect, Ph.D.

Hayriye Esbah-Tuncay is a Professor of Landscape Architecture at Istanbul Technical University and Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. She is the Founding Director of HET (Habitat-Ecology-Technology). Her professional interests include landscape ecology and its reflections on design, climate change, and adaptation strategies for future cities. She focuses her practice on promoting healthy human and nature relationships in all types of urban, rural, natural, historical, and cultural landscapes. Her broad range of interests are driven by the challenges resulting from rapidly growing metropolitan areas in developing countries. 

Esbah-Tuncay runs various Studios both in the Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Programs and teaches at graduate and undergraduate levels. She has more than a hundred and fifty articles published in reputable scientific journals and professional magazines, and workshops and keynote speeches in numerous design schools in America, Europe, and Asia. Her work has been recognized with the Turkish Higher Education Council Scholarship; Fulbright Research Fellowship; University of Arizona- Director’s Award along with significant numbers of research grants from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye and European Union. She holds great numbers of national and international design awards and recognitions.

Esbah-Tuncay received her Doctoral degree in Environmental Design and Planning from Arizona State University and her Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona. She is a registered Landscape Architect in the Turkish Landscape Architects Association and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.


Believing in the Uniqueness of Each Site

We focus on particular essence in each project.
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