Gockundemirci Coast Project

Location:Amasra, Gockundemirci
Site:2,000,000 m²
Client:Amasra District Governorate, BAKKA

The aim of this study is to determine the principles of sustainable planning and design within the conservation balance of village settlements, natural areas and coastal dune ecosystems in the  Baldiran Region of the ​​Gockundemirci Village, Amasra. In this context; we analyze natural, cultural and economic values ​​in this area;  investigate the ecotourism potential of the study area and its interaction with the coast; and propose a schematic design for framing the tourism and recreation activities by considering the dynamics of the sensitive shore, creek and dune ecosystems. We also design urban furniture alternatives to use in the sensitive coastal ecosystem.

We designed a multifunctional, coastal structure to preserve Pancratium maritimum, an endemic geofit of sand dunes. The structure also serves as a sun deck or walking path.

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