Ataturk Square, Camlibel Urban Design Project

Location:Camlibel District, Mersin
Site:1,000,000 m²
Client:Mersin Municipality

Mersin is changing rapidly due to migration and has to cope with climate change; therefore, developing a reflex for creating a climate-positive urban environment should be a vision of the future. Çamlıbel region is one of the old settlements of Mersin with its close distance to the port and railway. As the socio-cultural heart of Mersin for a certain period, Çamlibel lost its role in the 2000s as a result of the city’s rapid development. Our project aims to revitalize the Çamlıbel region by reflecting on the area’s historic character while adding a new layer for the future to the urban identity. In terms of accessibility, we establish a robust urban connection and inclusive urban space. In addition to these, we propose spatial continuity and diversity of activities and a flexible, functional space scheme. Creating a microclimate in the revitalization of this area is vital for the comfort of the users, climatic sensitivity, and urban resiliency. In achieving all these goals, it is necessary to take advantage of all the possibilities of technology, innovation, and creative sectors.

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