Festival Arena

Location:Maslak, Istanbul
Site:40,000 m²
Client:ITU Rectorate

ITU campus’ main festival and activity area was surrounded by asphalt roads and parking spaces and was lacking the proper outdoor amenities.  The site was covered predominantly by grass which was consuming a lot of energy and water.  Therefore, the site was not actively utilized in the days when there is no festival or graduation ceremony. Because fo the vehicle circulation in the area, the site’s legibility was a question mark. Sustainable design principles are followed in the project: grass cover is reduced, gabion seating structures were designed, pervious paving enabled water penetration, and a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly circulation was implemented. Plant diversity was very low in the current situation, this was enhanced by using exclusively the maquis vegetation.  The Cistus species, rapidly disappearing from the natural areas of campus, was introduced to the site. 

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