Dar Al Uloum Library Design

Location:Sakaka, Al Jouf, Suudi Arabistan
Site:2,000 m²
Client:The Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Cultural Centre

The core idea of the Library design concept is “Making a Library Building as an Oasis”.  Because Sakaka since its earliest time was one of the important oasis own on the Arabic Peninsula trade root, we integrate architecture and landscape into cultural and social oasis of Sakaka, making a man-made oasis for the citizens of the city and their guests where they will be attracted to come and participate in a permanent variety of social and cultural events in an extraordinary, inspiring environment during the year around. We started from understanding that the existing library building is the central physical and symbolic origin of the future Library building complex.  The existing building by its central position and physical capacities provide the quality which has to be transformed in a way to integrate all building, landscape environmental qualities of the exact site into unique architectural and landscape ambiance. Subsequently, the experience deeply rooted in the integration of environmental and traditional cultural qualities translated by advanced (cutting edge) design and technical knowledge and methodologies transformed the library as a social and cultural oasis of Sakaka in the 21st century.

The design of outdoor areas pursues landscape as a socio-ecological system approach.  In this regard, both environmentally sustainable and socially enriching space design is promoted.  The integration of the library building with the surrounding landscape is enabled through a sunken garden concept.  In this concept, both on the east and west side of the building corridors are created.  The corridors not only connect north to south of the site but is a spine for many outdoor and indoor activities.  These corridors are connected with the east to the west axis of the main floor of the library.  Both the east and west side of this axis reaches lush landscaping and outdoor functions.  Because the weather is suitable to stay outdoors between the beginning of December until the end of March diversity of outdoor spaces are provided.  The site plan aims to support climatic comfort not only inside but also on the surrounding outdoor spaces of the library complex.  Therefore, a vast amount of tree species are entered to the site to create shade as much as possible.  Subsequnetşy, different ecosystem of Sakaka is represented by thematic gardens such as Oasis Garden, Xeriscape Garden or Grassland Garden.  The site plan is developed to enhance communication with the surrounding land uses such as the elementary and secondary schools, hotel and retail facilities. 

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