Kagithane Governorship Park

Location:Kagithane, Istanbul
Site:15,000 m²
Client:Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Large green space in front of the Kagithane Governorship is a transition zone between two subway lines. In front of the historical building of Kagithane Governorship, a plaza is created for official ceremonies. A lawn area on the north of this plaza is for festivals and cultural celebrations.  A wide digital screen is located on the lawn area thus visible from many angles of the park. A historic fountain is preserved and restored to serve people traversing between metro stations on the north and south.  On the south, the elevated rail lines creating a bridge reaches the south terminal.  Underneath this bridge, a live space is created with many seating and resting alternatives, water, and light shows.  This approach enables the safety and usability of the otherwise dark space.  A pedestrian bridge with vegetation and seating units is created to bring users from the other side of the Cendere River and Northern Kagithane District.  The users of the park interact with the park during visiting the Governorship building for their official procedures, or they can enjoy the park while crossing two metro lines to get to their work during the day.  Also at the end of the day, people come back here to relax, socialize and enjoy art and music performances.  Overall, Kagithane Governorship park is another attempt to improve the quality of life in Kagithane district.

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