Cendere River Landscape Project

Location:Kagithane, Istanbul
Site:58,502 m²
Client:Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration

Cendere river takes place in urban memory with its increasing flood risk since the 2000s. The reason for this is unplanned and out of control developments in the river corridor, occupation of the corridor by buildings, and also concrete channel structure which is not promoting any ecological services to the area hence totally impaired ecological balance in the river corridor. Istanbul Water and Sanitary Services Department, ISKI, expect from the landscape architects that the river corridor should be more permeable, the hydrological capacity should be enhanced, and all types of infrastructure-related concerns should be solved.  However, the design team was puzzled by ISKI’s demands about keeping the bottom of the river as a concrete surface for easy maintenance, which is a typical operation until nowadays. This brief was turned into design decisions such as increasing the corridor’s interaction with the surrounding neighborhood by designing steps and ramps bringing people into the river corridor.  These features not only enabled accessibility but also enabled visual connectivity. Three-level walking paths are designed based on the hydrological volumes by different seasons.  This multileveled design provided a larger section than previously what is being a box type canal. In order to break the monotony on the bottom surface of the river bed, different stone patterns are applied and curvilinear lines of plant beds are designed.  

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