Balikesir Municipality Building and its Surroundings

Site:5,000 m²
Client:Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality

Since the municipal structures take on a task that shapes the city and leads its production; it is able to fully fulfill the function of the municipal and urban residents as transparent and inviting as possible, having a rational, functional, flexible plan scheme and mass composition that will minimize the initial investment costs in terms of applicability. to be able to contribute to the identity of the city and to the municipal institutional identity, and to have spatial possibilities for all the people living in the city to come together and interact with each other without any discrimination. In this regard, it is an example to the newly developing city in terms of both its physical attitude in the city, its human-oriented approach, its rich internal and external spatial experiences, its public interest, its relationship with the city and its close physical environment, and it is present with its social and cultural facilities. Spatially contributing to the city, which is planned to be developed, responding to their needs, having opportunities to both live and reproduce the city, are important factors that shape design as important requirements of municipal structures. In this context, the design has been shaped by the relationship it has with the city at the upper and lower scales.

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