Bagcilar Square Urban Design

Location:Bagcilar, Istanbul
Site:27,845 m²
Client:Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Bagcilar is one the fastest growing towns in Istanbul due to high immigration from Anatolian towns.  In order to control rapid urbanization and to meet the needs of urbanites, a lot of investments and new projects are planned for the area. Acting as a melting pot, Bagcilar square is the hub for different social and ethnic groups moving to the town. There exist new infrastructure alternatives such as the Bagcilar metro and its parking space underneath the square. In the design of Bagcilar Square, two main axes are created to connect commercial activities on the north and south while enabling pedestrian flow from east to west.  Moreover, a comfortable pedestrian circulation is provided all around Bagcilar square. Lines of linden trees on the north and west side of the square provide climatic comfort for people and shelter the sitting and resting area underneath its canopy.  Linden is specifically chosen to benefit from its fragrant flowers in the spring and enjoy its bright golden foliage in the autumn seasons. Flexible open space organization is pursued to hold large crowds during seasonal activities and festivals.  The language school on the east is redesigned to continue its function. For the youngsters and children, a more active space is designed on the west of the square hosting a skate park and some interactive play equipment.  Moreover, an energy efficient lighting system is utilized to enable safe night use. Universal design principles are a major consideration in the project, hence allowing a comfortable public space experience for disabled, elderly and children of all ages.  

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